Frequently asked questions

What are your implements made of?

I use Poplar wood for my projects. It's lightweight and easily weilded, while still delivering a delightfully powerful stroke. The wood is whitewashed and painted in waterbased acrylic before being burned. Each item is then sanded and sealed with a waterbased varnish for a silky finish.

How do I care for it?

Maintenance of your piece should be relatively low, but if you find your playtime got a little bit messy, simply wipe down with a mild soap and water. I do not recommend using any harsh cleaning chemicals such as lysol or bleach as this may compromise the finish. Do not leave your piece wet or to soak in any liquid.

I don't see exactly what I want - do you do custom orders?

Yes! I'd prefer to work within the same realm of what you see available in the gallery or shop pages, but if you'd prefer a particular flower on a certain shape with a specific color that I do not have currently on offer, please reach out. Customs in shapes and designs that I already offer are no extra charge. If you're looking for a new shape or flower/plant I haven't designed yet, let's talk!

Do you ship to my country? What does it cost?

Shipping is free to the continentlal Canada and USA. If you live in Hawaii, US territories, or outside of North America I would love to send you one of my pieces, but I want to be sure of import regulations and shipping prices to your area before I take your order - please contact me first! All shipments are made through CanadaPost/USPS with tracking included unless otherwise arranged.

Do you take returns?

Due to the very personal nature of these items, I only take returns and/or provide reimbursement for items that are obviously defective from production (pictures and/or descriptions may be requested) Any issues that arise from improper care, expected wear and tear, or unusual use will not be considered.

How do you ship? Can I choose my own carrier? Are you discreet? Can I choose giftwrapping?

I ship through CanadaPost/USPS. If you prefer/require a different carrier please get in touch before placing an order. I ship as discreetly as possible in plain post office issued bubble mailers or brown boxes with no company branding or images. If you are buying internationally, the customs declaration will say something like "wood plaque" or "carving" to ensure your privacy. If you're sending a piece to a special sweetie and want something a bit fancier, gift wrapping options can be discussed - please get in touch!

Will the design leave an imprint?

No. The designs on my pieces are meant purely as an aesthetic detail. The channels of the outline are not wide or deep enough to leave the design behind on someone's lovely flesh, and the majority of the design is just barely on the surface of the wood. Please don't buy these pieces with the goal of leaving flower stamps behind - it won't work no matter how hard you try.

The piece I want is "out of stock" - when is it coming back?

Each piece listed in the shop is individually made and one-of-a-kind. I keep already purchased listings viewable so that folks can see what's possible for custom orders. If you see a design you like that is listed as being out of stock, shoot me a message through the Contact page and I can send you an invoice for a custom piece of that same design at no extra cost.