Frequently asked questions

Glycerin Soap, What is it?

Glycerin soaps are soaps that contain glycerin, a component of fat or oil. Glycerin is a humectant and will draw moisture to your skin! Referred to as Melt and Pour soap.

Is there special care for Glycerin Soap?

Yes - Keep soaps tightly wrapped and away from air until ready to use. Glycerin is a humectant, it can draw moisture from the air and develop 'beads' of moisture. These are not harmful but just don't look great! Keep your soaps away from heat. After opening, store away from water. This will help your soap last longer.

Fragrances Used - What are they?

Labels on each soap will indicate if there is a Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil used. I am sensitive to chemical fragrances so I really do understand your concern. I select only fragrances I can work with and always try to find natural fragrance oils to use whenever possible.

Where can we ship your order?

We ship to US and Canada addresses and shipping fees will be added to your order.

Why do bar weights vary?

Because your soap is lovingly handmade, bar weights can vary from bar to bar for several reasons. Design and embedded soaps can create one bar slightly heavier than the bar next to it.