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Why did your shop move?

For the month of June I have paused my personal shop page in order to serve my Flamingo Market page better. 

Flamingo Market is an Online Marketplace for LGBTQ2SIA+ Artists, Makers, Business Owners, Service Providers, Non-Profits and Community Organizations - originally based out of Toronto, but now servicing folks worldwide. 

I opened a Flamingo Market storefront as a way to better advertise to my community. Unfortunately, their platform and the one I use for this site don't sync up (meaning when an item is purchased on one platform, it doesn't change to "out of stock" on the other, I have to do it manually and I might not be able to do that before someone tries to purchase the out of stock item a second time on the other platform)  so for Pride month I have temporarily disabled this storefront as a way to keep orders better organized. 

Everything that was available on this storefront is available on the Flamingo Market page linked above, and the prices are exactly the same. Nothing changes for you, it's just easier on me! 

You're also still more than welcome to contact me to order a custom piece - either a replica of something that is out of stock, or a brand new design. Designs that I've already done before as "customs" are priced the same as regularly priced pieces, they just take me a few days to whip up and mail out. Designs I have not done before may cost a little extra - tell me what you have in mind!